You Pick the Sermon 2016 Schedule

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You Pick It Schedule 2016


May 15 —
Does it matter where you go to church?
What is church discipline?

May 29 —
What does the Bible say about angels and demons?
Is there really a Hell?

June 19 —
Is the church of Christ legalistic?
Why don’t you use instrumental music?

June 26 —
How do you reach family without offending them?
Why insist on baptism when it is not mentioned in John 3:16?

July 3 —
Are we predestined?
Can a Christian lose his salvation?
What is the unpardonable sin?

July 10 —
Are ghosts and hauntings real?
What do the dead see on earth?
Are we asleep when we die?

July 24 —
What about marriage, divorce, and remarriage?
Is pornography grounds for divorce and remarriage?
Explain the “love languages” in marriage.


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