Articles By Tony Turner

A Christian Band Of Brothers327.8 KiB60
Be Strong Courageous And Bold78.1 KiB416
Because We Are Willing224.5 KiB119
Bringing Back The Lost Sheep74.1 KiB201
Come As You Are223.5 KiB151
Faith Without Works71.9 KiB13
Future Plans And Developments For The Karns Church Of Christ233.4 KiB131
Go To Your Brother205.0 KiB31
Household Chores306.8 KiB79
Love Never Fails294.9 KiB146
Loving The Hard To Love75.3 KiB181
Scriptural Diversity223.8 KiB97
Stay On The Path302.1 KiB51
Sympathy Empathy Or Compassion100.9 KiB180
The Karns 2015 Congregational Growth Planning Session73.2 KiB139
The Karns Mission Statement405.5 KiB48
The Lord Added To Their Number Daily224.8 KiB294
Using Your Gifts To Serve God384.1 KiB97
We Need Your Help88.2 KiB184
What Are Your Plans310.7 KiB31
What Can I Do116.8 KiB147
What Foundation Will You Build On?302.7 KiB96
You Are Not Alone90.4 KiB253
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