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SUNDAY, 9 a.m.

Face to Face With the Savior:  Life Changing Lessons From Jesus
Justin Morton

When people meet Jesus their lives are never the same. Jesus meets them where they are and speaks words of life to them. Sometimes those words are words of joy, hope, correction or forgiveness. In this series, we’ll explore moments where people came face to face with the Savior and see what life changing lessons Jesus taught through those encounters.


Simon Says
Brad Alsup
Classroom 6

The New Testament records much of what Peter said during his service to Jesus. His words contain many valuable lessons for everyday life. We will use Peter’s words as a jumping off point to examine our own Christian walk in an effort to grow in our faith as Peter did in his.


Seven Deadly Virtues (College-Age/Young Adult)
Steve Higginbotham
Classroom 12

We’ve all heard about the “Seven Deadly Sins.”  These sins are easy to identify. What’s not so easy to identify are what I will call the “Seven Deadly Virtues.”  How can virtues be deadly?  Is that possible?  Join us in the class and find out.



Etched in Stone
Steve Higginbotham

Although the “10 commandments” are no longer binding on us as such, they still contain many moral principles that Jesus reiterates in his New Covenant with us. We need a candid discussion of morals in our immoral age.


Great Texts of the New Testament
Lance Champion
|Classroom 6

While we know that all of God’s word is inspired and profitable, there are some Scriptures that seem to sum up some of our greatest needs, hopes, and challenges.  In this study, Lance will be discussing some of the “greatest” texts of the New Testament.


1 & 2 Timothy (College-Age/Young Adult)
Tony Turner & Lee Toothman
Classroom 12

The books of 1 & 2 Timothy were written to a young man who was trying to live out his life as a faithful Christian.  He was much like us. He was timid and needed encouragement to use his gifts. But as youthful and timid as he was, the great apostle Paul saw his potential and entrusted him with responsibility.


Various Topics (Ladies’ Class)
Small Multipurpose Room

March 8 – Teresa Clark – Reaching

March 15 – Sherrye Woodall – Forgiveness

March 22 – Evelyn Apple – Hospitality

March 29 – Evelyn Apple – Relationships

April 5 – Miranda Morton – Identity

April 12 – Kate West – Depression

April 19 – Kathy Turner – Worry

April 26 – Lectureship Week

May 3 – Rose Anne Martin – Joy

May 10 – Sue Benner – Service

May 17 – Leslie Henderson – Attitudes

May 24 – Susan Aragon – Opportunities

May 31 – Kim Higginbotham – Work

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